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Kip winger

Kip Winger Interview.mp3

Check out Kip’s incredible journey that spans across rock, classical and a Broadway musical plus a glimpse into what the future holds for this iconic rock personality

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Eric nelson


Hold for swank

Hold For Swank(edit).mp3

Hold for swank is a des Moines institution  Eric fills us in on how the name came about, his favorite Simpson quote and golfing with the other rock stars

Andrew and tony McNamara



A conversation with the brothers of the brawny appleton wi. band pudge. Where they came from, where they are and where they’re going


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Jay Wiley

The Hawkeyes


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Jay stops by and fills us in on the Hawkeyes new release“Stones Throw Away” plus plans for future releases. 2019 is going to be a very good year!

Other Side of The Glass

A series of interviews with studio owners/producers/engineers about their approach to recording and life in today’s music environment.

Michael Mann - Music Mann Studio.mp3

Michael Mann - Music Mann Studio, Milwaukee

Kris Karr - 17x17.mp3

 Kris Karr - 17 x 17 Studio, 8th Note Music - Ft Dodge

Ken Boe - Indie Tunz.mp3

Ken Boe - Indie Tunz, Ontario

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Marc Golde - Rock Garden Studio.mp3

Marc Golde

Rock Garden Studio, Appleton

Joshua and Dylan - Forte Studio.mp3

Joshua Jacobsen

Dylan Drake

Forte Studios, Boone IA

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Sam Spade


The Midnight Devils

Sam drops by and gives a breakdown of their latest tour, a massive 7ooo mile trek from coast to coast plus the Rocklahoma blowout to cap it all off!!

Sam Spade.mp3

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