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ZipCodeZero Live! - 7 pm Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

The ZipCodeZero Replay - 2 pm Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun

Midlife Crisis w/Andy McNamara - 9 pm Tue & Thurs

High Anxiety Radio w/Joel Ziegler  - 8 pm Wednesday

(All times Central)

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  7 pm C

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This weeks adds

AvaGrace - The Witching Hours

Core - Killing Me

Field Trip To The Moon - Girls Wait

Goldenboy - Faded Photographs

Jet Black Motorcade - Wearing Out A Dream

Johnny Like Noize - In The Dirt

KIngdom Collapse - Bring Me Down

Kiss Kiss Bang - She’s Bad

Rat Face Lewey - Comfortable

Spring. Fall. Sea - Strangers

The Rogue Electrics - Along For The Ride

Two Hicks One Cityman - Funk#88

New artists featured all week long on ZipCodeZero

Midlife crisis featuring a focus on Wisconsin artists

Tuesday & Thursday at 9 PM C

 An hour of new and old music from bands located in the Fox Cities

Saturdays 8 am C

High Anxiety Radio with

Joel Ziegler

Wednesday @ 7 PM

Two Hours of Pure Punk!

On Demand via Our App

DJ Bear with the latest in new rock plus inside info on the live music scene…9 pm Wednesday

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