Fans Rock!

We hear from the people who are fanatics about their favorite band, music and microwaved convenience store sandwich! You have the power to submit pics, videos, reviews of your favorite artist(s). Use the contact form on your right so we can get you registered as an OFFICIAL Code Zero Radio editor. Amaze your friends, impress the family or use as a way to waste time at work! This how Hemingway got started. We think. Maybe not. Oh well, you are a Pulitzer Prize winner in our eyes!


In The Blink Of An Eye

That’s right. After tooling around the back end of the CZR server, I accidentally deleted the original Code Zero Radio Word Press site. Which, in hindsight was probably a sign that this whole thing needed a re- boot in the ass. I freely admit that that I am probably the last person you want handling a web site. I always thought HTML stood for Ham, Turkey, Mayo, Lettuce on a delicious sub sandwich. WordPress takes pity on Paleozoic era turds like me and makes it possible to throw up on the internet and still make it look good.

So stay tuned and drop in once in a while. I will be adding contact info for people wanting to post here. In the meantime, leave a comment and feel good about contributing to the passion we all have for music.



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