The Other Side of Radio

Wait, what? Why does a radio station need a blog site? Most don’t but we do more than just present emerging artists. Reviews for new releases, live performances and discussion about the current affairs in the music industry that affects us all goes beyond the broadcast schedule. So dig in, react, engage and feel free to post your thoughts.

On this site;

  • New Music Reviews – we review bands and artists we believe have released some monumental music
  • Live Music Reviews – Live shows are the lifeblood of any music aficionado. Thoughts and impressions of shows we attend plus a look at the venues we visit.
  • Shop Talk – Are you a gear slut? Will you do almost anything for that coveted piece of audio gear or instrument? The first step is admitting you have the disease.
  • For Sale – Stuff ranging from furniture to mixing consoles. It’s gotta go!

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