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Craving strange

Careful of the landmines

  The long awaited new release “Careful Of The Landmines” is set to be unleashed on March 21st, 2017. To say I’m excited about this would be an understatement. To be honest, after reviewing “A Life Exceptional”, I thought this Long Island powerhouse had reached it’s peak, that everything that followed would move sideways and not up. Craving Strange have once again thrown down the gauntlet and proven that their songwriting, recording and musical prowess are as sharp as ever and only getting stronger.

The Tracks

Careful Of The LandminesThe title track is so lyrically inspiring that you picture yourself standing on a rock at the edge of an angry surf shaking your fist at the sky. We all put landmines in our way that trip us up thru life. This is a declaration of independence.                                                                                                                    

My Enemies Look Just Like My FriendsThe title sums it up pretty well. Some relationships need a second look, as painful as it might be. Move on. This track was my first pick for a single, it has so much texture and the dynamics keep you glued for that classic soaring Craving Strange lift. It’s the kind of music that you crank in your car and the guy next to you is wondering if you’re having a seizure. Air drum the shit outta this one.

Like A WaveBursting with positive energy, “Like A Wave” has the band digging in their heels and pounding out a rock solid rhythm behind some killer vocals and harmonies. At this point in the album you really get the feeling that lead singer Jimmy G is taking the listener on a journey of self realization and the need to move forward. Also, is drummer Jimi Tassone human? The man is pure meter.                                                                                                                

GoOn the surface it seems like Go is a lighter track to give COTL some dimension and depth but there is still that great build up the end that gives Craving Strange their identity. The lyrics are pretty heavy tho, aimed at the self righteous who can’t see the world thru their own narrow views. “You’re needy and greedy and try to keep the world to yourself”. ‘Nuff said.

DissolveFor pure musicianship this track just shines. Everything is so well placed it’s advised to put on the headphones and crank it. You got a wonderful funk jam going on at the beginning with guitar wiz Frank Junior Guertin, bass player Chris Monte and drummer Jimi Tassone playing off each other in total sync. It’s beautiful. Later on singer Jimmy G rails on a note that will make the hair on your arms stand up. No kidding, it’s that good.                                                                    

 Nothing But A Chance…Is it so hard? To believe that everything you say is nothing but a chance to stop us? Toxic relationships can drive you crazy and sometimes you need to call em out. I feel better already just by listening. A great finish to the album, this has it all. Huge production feel and a sense of urgency. Craving Strange just crushes it here.

The wrap

 This release confirms my belief that Craving Strange would be at home in any arena. In fact, the bigger the better. Pick up Careful Of The Landmines and savor the pure rock energy that is Craving Strange.

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CS - LM.mp3 CS - D.mp3

Craving strange is

Jimmy G - Vocals/Guitar

Frank 'Junior' Guertin - Lead Guitar

Jimi Tassone - Drums/Percussion

Chris Monte - Bass

CS - LW.mp3

Landmine Sample

Like A Wave Sample

Dissolve Sample